Download for Kernel 2.6.x

Download the source tarball. The revision number is 1.68, for use with Linux kernel 2.6.23.

If you need a release for an earlier kernel version, check the SF downloads page and read the release notes.


  1. Download the tarball and untar it in a convenient spot.
  2. To compile this, you need a set of configured kernel sources. The driver only works with kernel version 2.6.x. The kernel build process for modules requires that you have write permission in the kernel tree. The best way to deal with this is to compile your kernel as a normal user, in your home directory. That same user may then compile the exaudio module.
  3. Be sure to use a version of gcc that agrees with the instructions in Documentation/Changes in your kernel sources.
  4. Compile the modules by typing, 'make'. If the make fails, you may need to set the 'KERNEL_SRC' variable in the Makefile. Also, you may need to add one or more of the following options to the make command line (see the main page for an explanation):
  5. As root, do 'insmod ./exaudio.ko' to load the driver. The driver will use the next available dsp and mixer devices. To see the messages and find out which devices are used, type:
       grep exaudio /var/log/*
    If you load both drivers, you should load them in this order
    1. insmod ./exaudio_remote.ko
    2. insmod ./exaudio.ko
  6. The sources include a simple script called to load the modules and create the IR device node. To run it, in the exaudio directory, as root type